Lis and Korz Announce New Business Venture… Scoot and Destroy!

MASS Whole- Sale... sweet rides... mopeds and scooters "we have just what  you need"
Ed and Joe team up to form MASS Whole- Sale… sweet rides… mopeds, lil’ Rascals and scooters “we have just what you need”

April 1, 2014.  Peru Nordic’s Ed “Distributor of Pain” Lis and Joe “Colossus of Chaos” Korzenecki have been ski partners for many years.  Now they have decided to leave their respective careers and go into business together.   Ed Lis explains, “On our 4,568th lap of skiing Porter Loops this winter, we realized that our shared love of 2-wheeled motor sports and endurance skiing could be fulfilled with a financially stable business opportunity…  Mopeds!”

Ed and Joe show off the new placard for their new store!
Ed and Joe show off the new placard for their new store!

The new company will be called “Mopeds And Scooter Suppliers (M.A.S.S.) Whole-sale” and will be located upstairs at High Peaks Cyclery, next to the yoga studio, and across from the climbing gym and kitty-corner to the therapeutic massage office but just down the hall from the Mixed Martial Arts Dojo, and around the corner from the inner-tube float tour guide house, second door on the left.

The Lord of Destruction enjoys his custom Scooter… courtesy of MASS Whole-Sale… your Moped Specialists!

The duo will offer sales and service, and guided tours of North Elba’s most interesting roads.  “Nothing can quite match the feeling of a Vespa Scooter between your legs… the exhilaration of the wind in my hair as I scoot down the Loj Road, with a cup of Starbucks Coffee in my hand, is incredible,” said Korzenecki.


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