Maswick’s Sharp Shooting Enables Kobak to Harvest Viking Helmet Victory!

VHCS finale’s motley crew of metalheads!  Note the look of disappointment on Rose’s face.. priceless!

The annual VHCS Finale took place at Mount Van Hoevenberg today.  This year the event was extra exciting because three skiers came into the race within 0.4 points of each other in the VHCS overall standings.  This set up a “winner take all” battle on the USTBBA Certified course.

Kobak crosses the line, fist in the air…. 2014 VHCS VIking Helmet World Champion of the F**king World!

When the dust settled, Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak and his sharp-shooting partner, Bob “Lord of Destruction” Maswick won the day, and Kobak captured the VIKING HELMET for the second straight season.  This time, he vaulted from third place going into the race into the overall lead at the finish.  Maswick’s sharp shooting on the first lap, no misses, allowed Kobak to open up a big gap on the second place tandem of Jan “Wheels of Steel” Wellford and Brian “Battleaxe of Aggression” White.  Kobak was also strong in the range, but Maswick continually put the tennis balls through the targets, and ultimately allowed Kobak to coast to victory.

Wellford demonstrates the patented “Maswick Underhand Technique”

The battle for third was heated as well, but the Team of Ed “Distributor of Pain” Lis and Tom “Machine Gun” Moffett barely held off Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose and Jamey “Son of Destruction” Maswick.

In spite of getting tangled up in the range, Maswick managed to win the day with Kobak

Kobak won the overall VHCS title and will celebrate until tomorrow…. when the next season begins!

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