Rose captures Mjollnir… Sets up Epic VHCS Finale Showdown… CF Skied and Destroyed!

Chris Rose finally won RAGNARÖK!  Taking a calculated risk, he skipped the bonus points for skiing Peggy’s Puddle and the Cascade Loop and headed straight to the GOAT.  There he presented a tribute to the mighty deity consisting of guitar picks, Mountain Brew, a SkitanicA T-shirt and copies of Slayer Reign in Blood, Anthrax Among the Living and Metallica Master of Puppets.  The GOAT was pleased and she presented Rose with the Mjollnir, the Hammer of the Gods.  With the mighty weapon, it becomes Rose’s duty to lead the fight and smite Cystic Fibrosis.

The annual RAGNARÖK Race to the GOAT is also a Cystic FIbrosis Foundation fundraising event.  This year, the participants donated close to $200 to the CFF to help Peru Nordic and Team Cookie Ski and Destroy CF.

The VHCS Standings heading into this weekend’s VHCS Finale!

Rose’s victory, coupled with Jan Wellford sneaking past Jim Kobak into second place on the day, sets up an epic battle in the annual VHCS Finale Relay Race.  The Finale is scheduled for this Sunday at 11 am at Mt Van Hoevenberg.   In the race, teams alternate skiing over 6 laps of the course, throwing at USTBBA-Certified Targets before tagging off to their partners.  Any misses result in the partner skiing penalty loops.   Rose, Wellford and Kobak are all within a 0.4 points of  each other in the overall VHCS standings and will each be placed on separate VHCS Finale relay teams.  Whoever’s team finishes first will thus win the overall Viking Helmet Title… it should be EPIC!


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