Mid-Winter Conditions Reign… it seems that RAGNAROK is at hand!

It’s been an incredible finish to the Ski Season.  In fact, Mount Van Hoevenberg is in Mid-Winter Form.  Thus, the annual RAGNAROK Race from Gauntlet Stadium to the GOAT will take place during this Wednesday’s War Ensemble.

During RAGNAROK, skiers brave the arduous journey to the GOAT in order to smite Cystic Fibrosis with Mjollnir, the Hammer of the Gods!

Skiers earn points during RAGNAROK for the following:

First skier to reach the GOAT = 5 points

Second skier to the Goat = 3 points

Third skier to the GOAT = 2 points

all others to reach the GOAT = 1 point

Ski Peggy’s Puddle en route to the GOAT= 2 points

Ski Cascade Loop en route to the GOAT = 2 points

Bring the following Tribute Items to the GOAT:

A Guitar Pick = 1 point

A Can of Mountain Brew = 2 points

A receipt from High Peaks Cyclery, your Nordic Specialists = 1 point

A copy of any of the following Classic Albums (CD, Cassette or Vinyl): Metallica Master of Puppets, Slayer Reign in Blood, Anthrax Among the Living, Megadeth Rust in Peace = 1 point each.

A SkitanicA T-shirt = 1 point

Wear an item of clothing with a Team Cookie Logo on it = 2 points

A $10 Donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation = 2 points

A $20 or more Donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation = 5 points

The Skier who earns the most points wins Mjollnir, The Hammer of the Gods!  But beware, it holds incredible power… and one day Cystic Fibrosis will be smoten! (?) smited! (?), smitten! (?), smite-slapped! (?), whatever the adjective, Peru Nordic will help Ski and Destroy CF!!!


But wait… That’s not all… The Annual VHCS Finale will take place on Sunday, March 30 at 11 am at Mount Van Ho.  This race will determine the overall Viking Helmet Champion!

Like last season, this will be a relay race with teams of 2 or 3 alternating freestyle laps around the modified War Ensemble course.  After each lap, skiers throw tennis balls, but their partners must ski the penalty laps!  The VHCS Supercomputer will determine teams… just show up to ski and destroy!  The annual Viking Helmet awards ceremony will take place by the couch at the Loppet Lounge after the race.



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