Peakbagging Team adds W’s… BEERSERKERBEINER This Tuesday!

Gettin’ High in the High Peaks… Peru Nordic Peakbagging Team! (On Algonquin, headed to Iroquois, 2/20)

It’s been another successful season for the Peru Nordic Peakbagging Team, in between ski races, the team gets out and climbs the majestic Adirondack High Peaks.  This season, two more Peru Nordiques captured the coveted “W” by successfully climbing the High Peaks in Winter.

Maswick (left) and Huneck are the newest Adirondack Winter 46ers! Congrats, guys… Hike and Destroy! (3/16)

Bob “Lord of Destruction” Maswick finished on Seward Mt on March 16.  Just a couple of weeks before, Brian “Battleaxe of Aggression” White completed his winter round on the same peak.   Joining Maswick to finish his own winter 46 was HURT Nordic’s Tim “I should’ve joined Peru Nordic” Huneck.  Also on hand were Peru Nordic Peakbagging Team veterans, Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak and Patty “Peakbagger of Pugnacity” Hurlburt.

Brian White atop Donaldson (on 3/1)… en route to his W!

The Seward range presents an interesting challenge in the winter, in that the access road is closed… adding 6+ miles to an already long day.  The Nordiques were able to ski in to Calkins Brook, and thanks to the efforts of the Korzinecki’s the day before, the path to Donaldson Mt was broken out.  However that left some tough trail breaking up Emmons and Seward Mts in over 2 feet of new snow.  Congratulations to Bob and Brian and Tim H. on your “W”s… it truly is an awesome accomplishment, and Peru Nordic is proud to lead the league in Winter 46ers!

Beerserkerbeiner… Tuesday (3/18)

In other news, the annual BEERSERKERBEINER is set for Tuesday afternoon at 4 pm… Classic Technique.  That’s right, BEERSERKERBEINER will be held on TUESDAY…. That’s TUESDAY! A scheduling conflict at Peru Central has forced the changing of this week’s War Ensemble to TUESDAY… So, it will be on TUESDAY.  The BEERSERKERBEINER challenges competitors to ski the War Ensemble course twice.  In between laps, skiers must fashion a carrying device to carry beverages around the course during the second lap (BYOB).  Bonus time awarded per fluid ounce carried.  Time ends when the skier has chugged one of the beverages that was carted around the course.  Did I mention it will happen on TUESDAY?


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