Allison Misses out on Loppet world championship by a whisker… Strong Performances by Peru Nordic in Lake Placid

Paul Allison in the 50 km Freestyle event… SKI AND DESTROY!

Paul Allison won last week’s NYSSRA Championship race and returned to Mount Van Hoevenberg to rip up the Olympic 50 km course in the annual Lake Placid Loppet.  Paul and Jacked Up Old Man, Duncan Douglas, skied the course together, totally shredding the field.  In the last km, Douglas made his move and Paul wound up just tenths of a second behind at the finish, settling for silver in the 50 km skate race.   Paul led an impressive group of Nordiques in the 50 k, including Jan Wellford and Stan Hatch who also had stellar performances, finishing the grueling course well under 3 hours! (holy crap… that’s really fast on a relentlessly tough course.  nice job!)

Stan! (after these 50 k’s, Stan managed a quick 40 km cool down)

The Loppet features 4 races, the 50 km skate, 50 km classic, 25 km skate and 25 km classic, and Peru was well represented in each event.  Many skull-laden ski suits were on the Olympic trails of Mount Van Hoevenberg.

Minde takes home the skis!

The 50 km classic featured impressive performances from Brian Delaney, Mike Sheridan and Peter “Jotunn of Jersey” Minde.  Minde was the big winner on the day, going back to the Garden State with a new pair of Salomon skate skis courtesy of the High Peaks Cyclery banquet raffle!

Janet shows ’em how it’s done!

In the 25 km classic, Janet Findlay once again dominated!  She led the charge with a field of Peru Nordiques that included Lisa Korzenecki, Dorine Perigrim, Kevin Prickett and Karen Delaney.

Joe K keeps his forehead protected as he rips into the finish.

In the insanely competitive 25 km freestyle, Jon “Anathema of Outrage” Santor paced the Nordiques.  Jon headed up a huge field which included Peru’s Jim Kobak, Joe Korzenecki, Ed Lis, Steve Bailey, Brian White, Nate Woody, Liz Allison, and Connie Prickett.

tastes like victory!

When the dust settled, Peru Nordic took home a whopping 14 age class medals…

Connie finishes… GOLD in the M4F 25 km Free

GOLD:  Paul Allison (SRM 50k Fr), Jon Santor (SRM 25k Fr), Jan Wellford (M1M 50k Fr ), Janet Findlay (M7F 25k Cl), Joe Korzenecki (M6M 25k Fr), Liz Allison (SRF 25k Fr), Connie Prickett (M4F 25k Fr), Brian Delaney (M6M 50 k Cl), Stan Hatch (M5M 50k Fr)

Lisa en route to the 25 km classic M6F silver

SILVER: Kevin Prickett (M3M 25k Cl), Lisa Korzenecki (M5F 25k Cl), Mike Sheridan (M4M 50k Cl)

The exciting Finish!

BRONZE: Dorine Peregrim (M5F 25k Cl), Karen Delaney (M6F 25k Cl)

LP LOPPET… Best Race of the Year!!!

And a good time was had by most!

Ski et Perdat!

The ski season isn’t over… the War Ensemble marches on each week.  This week’s war ensemble will be held on TUESDAY… BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH!


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