The 2014 NYSSRA Championships are upon us and Peru Nordic is looking for domination in both Saturday’s Club Championship Relay and Sunday’s 20 km Classic Race.

Santor is ready!!!

The 20 km Classic should be an epic event, with Peru Nordic throwing in at least 3, maybe 4 former NY State Champions into the race.  Paul Allison will be heading over from the soft-side of Lake Champlain looking to add another championship to his resume.  Jon Santor will emerge like the Swamp Thing from deep under frozen Rainbow Lake to battle for his second NY State title. And Mike Wynn, recovering from illness, may show up to show the young punks how it’s done.  It should be an exciting race and Peru Nordic has a legitimate shot at sweeping the men’s podium.  Former state champ, Janet Findlay is also scheduled to compete and could once again dominate the women’s race.

Peru Nordic’s 2014 NYSSRA Relay Teams for Saturday have been announced: This year features a Tribute to Mercyful Fate’s classic “Don’t break the Oath” album, which is now a Master… it was released 30 years ago!

Peru Nordic Desecration of Souls: (Men’s Relay) Jon Santor and Jan Wellford (these two should contend for the overall relay world championship!!!)

Peru Nordic Come to the Sabbath: (Men’s Relay) Chris Rose and Stan Hatch (this team should challenge for a medal in the men’s relay for sure, especially if there are left-handed targets!)

Peru Nordic Nightmare: (Mixed Relay): Ed Lis, Jim Kobak and Connie Prickett (Should dominate the mixed relay field)

Peru Nordic Welcome Princess of Hell: (Women’s relay) Kirsten Domas and Gabriella Frittelli (Gabriella has a gun and she ain’t afraid to use it!)

“If you say heaven I say a castle of lies
You say forgive him I say revenge
My sweet Satan you’re the one”


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