ESWG TourNADO 2014!!! Peru Nordic Rides Out the Storm


The annual Winter Storm known as the ESWG TourNADO ripped through the North Country over the weekend, and the Peru Nordiques showed up to battle with NYSSRA’s elite.  The TourNADO is a three-day, three-stage event that features a 2.5 km sprint race under the lights at Dewey Mountain, a 20 km Freestyle and a 7.5 km classic on the biathlon trails at Mt Van Ho.

Amanda getting ready for the ESWGs by cranking ANGEL OF DEATH up to 11 on her iPod

Friday’s Prologue Sprint saw Amanda Zullo burst into the top 8 of the women’s race.  This earned Amanda a spot in the prestigious sprint final at the Olympic Oval in downtown LP on Saturday night.  Peru’s Jim Kobak finished just out of the finals with a 12th place overall.

Wellford warms up for the ESWGs with some tennisball biathlon at Gauntlet Stadium

Saturday’s 20 km freestyle featured Jan Wellford’s first ESWG title.  Jan out-deuled Adirondack Vauhti’s Matt Torniainen, edging Matt by 20 seconds to win the mass-start event.  Kobak finished 5th in the men’s race, while Zullo was 4th in the women’s tilt.

Panic waxing??? you bet’cha!

On Sunday, the pressure was on Wellford in the 7.5 km classic.  Wellford was relentlessly hunted by the pack which featured budding Biathlon superstar, Brian Halligan who crushed the field to win the day.  Wellford ultimately succumbed to Torniainen as well, and was caught by the always strong in classic technique Bob Underwood.  Wellford’s finished in 4th and Kobak managed to crack the top 10.  Zullo was in the top 5 of the women’s race.

Amanda wins another GOLD!!!

After it was all said and done, Peru Nordic earned 18 ESWG Medals,  10 Gold,  5 Silver and 3 Bronze.  Amanda Zullo and Chris Beattie earned ESWG TourNADO overall Championships in their age-classes.

Jan Wellford M1M: 20 k skate GOLD, 7.5 k classic GOLD

Amanda Zullo M1F: Prologue GOLD, 20 k skate GOLD, 7.5 k classic GOLD

Jim Kobak M3M: Prologue SILVER, 20 k skate SILVER, 7.5 k classic SILVER

Ed Lis M4M: 20 k skate BRONZE, 7.5 k classic GOLD

Jerry Curcio M6M: Prologue SILVER, 20 k skate BRONZE, 7.5 k classic BRONZE

Janet Findlay M7F: 7.5 k classic GOLD

David Hunter M7M: 7.5 k classic SILVER

Chris Beattie M8M:cPrologue GOLD, 20 k skate GOLD, 7.5 k classic GOLD


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