Peru Nordic: Total Domination at Lake George Wilkinson Cup Race


The Evil Empire launched a full-scale Blitzkrieg assault on the annual Queensbury Invitational HS/NYSSRA Race.  This year, the race was held at Lake George Elementary School on a fun, twisty, fast, single-trackish, curvy, quick, ripping, shred-fest of a course.  The quality of the course came as a pleasant surprise to the snow-starved Nordiques.  It was in great shape, and kudos to Bob Underwood and his crew for putting together a great event (and a big thanks to Bob for starting the Masters before the HS Race!) As an added bonus, this race was a last-minute addition to the NYSSRA Wilkinson Cup Series, earning racers double points in the NYSSRA Points Series World Championship!

Wynn tears the course a new one.

Peru Nordic swept the first 4 places in the men’s race, and captured 3rd overall in the women’s race.  Recent acquisition, Paul “Pallbearer of Panic “Allison handily won the race, setting a blistering pace over the 8 km course.  Mike “Disinfector of Despair” Wynn out-dueled Aaron “Arrow of Necromancy” Newell for the Silver Medal.  Rookie phenom, Jan “Wheels of Steel” Wellford continued his stellar debut campaign with a strong 4th place finish.

Fan favorite, “Ms. Zullo,” charges to the finish!

Rounding out the Field, Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose finished 8th overall, while Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak came in 10th.  Joe “Colossus of Chaos” Korzenecki was 13th.  Amanda “Anvil of Angst” Zullo came in 3rd overall in the women’s race.

Harvester of Sorrow… happy to be on snow!

Unfortunately the planned post-race Goulash Slam/Franziskainer Drink-up had to be cancelled due to a strange disease sweeping through Andy “Seasons of Abyss” Wei’s household… Next Time, PROST!!!

ahh… what could have been…

This one’s for you  Andy, get well soon!


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