Peru Nordic VS Winter Meltdown at the Jumps… Harry Eldridge Racing Excitement!

approximation of the weather’s effect on conditions during the Harry Eldridge Classic Race….

The Peru Nordic Masters descended en masse at the Olympic Ski Jump Complex for the annual Harry Eldridge Classic Race.  The Nordiques were greeted with 50° F temps and heavy driving rain.  The 2.5 km-ish course featured a long difficult climb, followed by a sweeping descent and needless to say, the course was inundated with water.  The lower part of the course actually had 1′ of standing water, and some impressive shoveling by the ORDA Crew allowed skiers to avoid pond-skimming into the stadium area.  The waxing conditions were tricky, the snow was icy in spots, granular in others and actually under water in many places. Various combinations of KR70 and Crown patterns were marginally effective for getting grip and/or glide… word on the street was a secret formula of pine-tar and chewing tobacco juice was doing the trick.

The scene of the crime… the amount of rain is seriously understated in this photo.

Peru fielded a strong team, and was paced by Mike “Disinfector of Despair” Wynn.  Wynn obviously had serviceable kick, and his skis were fast, as they usually are, on the downhill.   Jan “Wheels of Steel” Wellford continued his impressive rookie campaign, and was not discouraged by the conditions for his first Classic NYSSRA Race, “…It was a blast, this was my kind of course… straight up!.”  Jon “Anathema of Outrage” Santor made his season debut and undoubtedly eschewed kick wax and just double-poled his way around the course.  The entire Peru Nordic contingent valiantly battled strong club and college teams from across the East, and managed to finish 3rd overall in the NYSSRA Club Championship Series competition for the day.

The Anathema of Outrage warms up… descending to the pond-skimming portion of the course.

Other Peru Nordic finishers included Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose, Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak, Joe “Colossus of Chaos” Korzinecki, Peter “Jotunn of Jersey” Minde, Chris “Hellhound of Hades” Beattie and Ed “Distributor of Pain” Lis.  The finishers scored some sweet NYSSRA Wilkinson Cup Points.   Official Results can be found on the NYSEF website.  Keep track of Peru Nordic’s athletes at the NYSSRA Points Series page.

A huge turnout survived the deluge…. (PS I think it’s time for Peru Nordic to invest in a sweet waxing trailer, too)

Dripping wet and soaked to the bone, most Nordiques split right after the race, heading home to dry out for the next day’s freestyle tilt.  However, shortly after the awards presentation, the race organizers pulled the plug on the Sunday race.  The course had deteriorated rapidly and rain continued to fall.  The Winter Meltdown had won this round, but Peru Nordic will live to fight again… Bring on Ragnarok!

Global Warming… F%#K YOU!

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