Rose and Moffett dominate Gauntlet Relay… Rose captures another TdS Crown!

Gauntlet Relay World Champions!

The team of Chris Rose and Tom Moffett dominated the annual Peru Nordic Gauntlet Relay.  This year, the race was held at a new venue.  Instead of at New New Gauntlet Stadium, the 6 x 1.25 km relay race took place on the Electric Rattlesnake Course at the Ski Jumps in Lake Placid.  Five formidable teams took to the snow, facing cold temperatures and a firm racing surface.

Intense action in the exchange tag zone…

The Team of Moffett/Rose won handily, but it was back and forth action in the rest of the field.  Many lead changes took place, but when the dust settled, the team of Jim Kobak and Ed Lis captured the silver medal and the duo of Jan Wellford and Janet Findlay took home the bronze.  The team of Stan Hatch and Brian White scratched to the wooden medal position just barely edging out the team of Joe Korzenecki and Andy Wei.  All in all, it was one of the most competitive Gauntlet Relays in recent memory.

Another Tour Championship for the Tour King.

The Gauntlet Relay victory solidified Chris Rose’s overall lead in the Peru Nordic Tour de Ski.  Rose will get his name etched yet again on the coveted Tour de Ski Chalice.

Frenetic action at the start…

Racing continues next week when the WAR ENSEMBLE reassembles on Wednesday.  Then, the Harry Eldridge races come to town on the weekend of January 11th.  Ski and Destroy!


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