Peru Nordic Tour de Ski update!

Skiing and Destroying in an icy cornfield in Peru

In spite of the marginal ski conditions, the Peru Nordic Masters have been out celebrating winter sports in the annual Peru Nordic Tour de Ski.

It’s essential to pre-cover well during a grueling stage race such as the Peru Nordic Tour de Ski!!!

Four days into the week-long tour, at least 14 Nordiques have officially logged in their ski-specific workouts into the VHCS Supercomputer.

Tour contenders assemble at the Ski Jumps to ski and destroy!

Defending champion, Chris Rose has a slim lead over contenders Jim Kobak, Andy Wei and Jan Wellford.  There are still some workouts that still need to be logged into the Supercomputer, so Rose can expect to be challenged by Joe “Skied 200 laps at the Jumps” Korzinecki and Ed Lis among others.  Lots of different types of workouts will count towards the Tour Standings, on snow skiing, winter hiking, roller skiing, running, chainsawing, just about anything that is active and outdoors scores VHCS points.

Current Standings through 4 Stages (name pts)

Rose, Chris 96.48

Kobak, Jim 95.52

Wei, Andy 91.84

Wellford, Jan 91.07

Zullo, Amanda 77.18

Minde, Peter 73.50

Bailey, Steve 73.50

White, Brian 69.48

Kogut, Keith 44.08

Korzinecki, Joe 28.02

Lis, Ed 25.63

Mitchell, Charlie 24.46

Daley, Mike 21.96

Hartman, Bryce 21.66

Winter hiking counts too, pictured here the Harvester of Sorrow seemingly has come to a contract agreement with Austin “Attila of Hun” Huneck atop Basin Mt.

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