NYSSRA Season Opens… Wellford Impresses in Debut.

The Wrecking Crew is ready to Ski and Destroy!

The NYSEF Season Opener is always an interesting event.  Skiers are still shaking off their rust, and usually not a lot of time has been spent on snow.  Likewise, the variable conditions of early December always makes this race intriguing. This year was no different.

Korzinecki climbs and climbs and climbs….

This year’s version of the Season Opener took place after the season’s first big snowfall.  The difficult road conditions kept the field light.  Peru Nordic tangled with teams from Saranac Lake Nordic, NYSEF and St Lawrence University.  Only a handful of HURT Skiers made the trip to LP.  The race was also held at the Ski Jumps course, which was in spectacularly great shape!  The course immediately climbed up the 1.5 km loop before rocketing back down, skiers blasted through 4 laps to get in a full dose of 6 km of lactate-rich enjoyment.

Wellford used SLAYER to his advantage!

Most of Peru Nordic’s usual band of Skitanic Berserkers were on hand to race, including Rose, Kobak, Hatch, Beattie and Korzinecki.  The most notable performance came from Peru rookie, Jan “Wheels of Steel” Wellford.  Wellford had never skied in a XC race before, but was inspired by recent the addition of Slayer’s Seasons in the Abyss to his record collection.  “I started the first lap like “War Ensemble” then got into a good rhythym like “Expendable Youth” on the second lap.  I ramped it up to “Born of Fire” on lap three before ripping it up  like “Hallowed Point” on the bell lap.”   Wellford won the Masters Class, followed by Rose and Hatch.  This performance moved Wellford up to the top of the VHCS Standings.  Full Results HERE

Hell Bent for Metal… SKI AND DESTROY!

The Peru Nordic Season continues each Wednesday at Gauntlet Stadium… 4 pm… This week CLASSIC Technique (Ski and Destroy)



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