Peru Nordic Presents: BEST in METAL 2013!!!

Warbringer… METAL!!!

Peru Nordic loves METAL!  ALL METAL ALL THE TIME: Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Crossover, Metalcore, Stoner Metal, if it’s truly metal, we love it! METAL!!!

Heavy Metal Parking Lot… 2013

2013 was a great year for METAL.  And the Peru Nordic Masters have sifted through the aural assault to narrow down the best of the past year.

METAL!!! Riffs!!! METAL Riffs!!! METAL!!!

If you are looking for gifts this holiday season, give your loved ones one of these sonic masterpieces:

The top 10 11 METAL ALBUMS of 2013

11. SKITANICA: Dawn of the Death Reaper

Nordic skiing’s loudest band is at it again… the Dawn of the Death Reaper is ferocious Blackened Death Thrash Metal of Death!  Best Tracks: Death Reaper, Crushed by a Giant Crucifix, Parasite in Your Mouth.

10.  IRON REAGAN: Worse than Dead

A classic crossover thrash album, reminiscent of 80s hardcore/thrash classics like D.R.I.  With 19 songs in about 30 minutes, it’s a full-throttle thrash blast  1..2…3…4!. Best Tracks: Cycle of Violence, The Debt Collector, Drop the Gun

9. CARNIVORA: Eternal

This is a really good Death Metal/Thrash/Metalcore band from the Boston area and this album has some killer tracks.   Word is they’re playing in Burlington VT this December, they would be totally worth checking out. Best Tracks: Human Decimator, Thrash of the Titans, Beyond the North.

8.  BESEIGED: Victims Beyond All Help

Beseiged is a Canadian Thrash/ Death/Thrash Metal outfit that f’n rips, eh?  This album is chaotically brutal and well-crafted.  The riffs blister by at about a zillion miles an hour.  You wish you could ski this fast!  Best Tracks: Internal Suffering, Trapped Inside, Black

7. WARBRINGER: IV: Empires Collapse

Warbringer consistently puts out good Thrash Metal with a classic feel.  Plus, we saw them totally kill it with Overkill and Kreator in Montreal…  Best Tracks:  Horizon, One Dimension, Iron City

6. DEBAUCHERY: Kings of Carnage

Imagine if Accept was a Death Metal band… ok, that’s Debauchery.  There are incredibly catchy tracks all over this album, and you can’t help but sing along with the catchy choruses about blood and slaughter… “Hack Slash Kill!”  Best Tracks: Let There Be Blood, Man in Blood, Murder Squad

5. DEATH ANGEL: The Dream Calls For Blood

Death Angel is a classic-era thrash band that has only gotten better the further we get from 1987.  Like Testament, these Bay Area Thrashers have put out their best work in recent years, and the Dream Calls For Blood is no exception.  This is a killer thrash album!!!  Best Tracks: Son of the Morning, Fallen, Caster of Shame.


The legends made a new album with Ozzy… Probably no album had to live up to as much hype as this one,  I mean, it doesn’t get more Heavy Metal than Black Sabbath.  This album feels like a classic Black Sabbath Album, full of heavy Iommi riffs and Ozzy’s monotone wails.  Best Tracks: Loner, God is Dead?, End of the Beginning.

3. ENFORCER:  Death By Fire

More fucking metal than you!  This album is fucking metal.  More metaller than Metal.  This is like 1983 Too Fast for Love Mötley Crüe mangled up with Kill ’em All Metallica.  This album rips and shreds and is metal fucking mayhem.. awesome!  Best Tracks: Death Rides This Night, Take Me Out of this Nightmare, Satan.

2. EXHUMED: Necrocracy

This is the best Death Metal I have heard in a long time.  Crushing and brootal, but thrashy and catchy.  This album is what Death Metal should sound like!   Best Tracks: Ravening, Dysmorphic, The Shape of Deaths to Come.

1. HUNTRESS: Starbound Beast 

Peru Nordic loves Huntress! Huntress plays true metal, kind of in the style of Mercyful Fate….Huntress delivers a large dose of quality NWOBHM, with a pinch of thrash, in their tracks about witches and aliens and other freaky stuff, which makes for some totally cool fucking Metal.  Oh, and with a babe vocalist with killer pipes, Huntress Kills!  They even do the masters, Judas Priest, justice with a killer cover of Running Wild!  Best Tracks: Zenith, Destroy Your Life, Alpha Tauri, Running Wild

Peru Nordic’s Harvester hanging out with Huntress’ Jill at the MAYHEM Fest in Saratoga… Ski and Destroy!

Check out this trippy HUNTRESS Video for Zenith… METAL!!!


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