Celebrate National World Rollerski Day on Earth… Oct. 1st.

Rollerski to work this Oct 1…. Happy National World Rollerski Day on Earth Everyone…

Don’t forget that Tuesday Oct 1st is National World Rollerski day on Earth.  Celebrate by getting out on your rollerskis! Rollerski to work, rollerski to school, join the Peru Nordic Masters for a special Tuesday TERRORSTORM at Point Au Roche. Get out on your rollerskis and post a picture to the Peru Nordic Facebook Page.

Rollerski Armageddon is Nigh!

Of course, you have probably already logged many Kms on your rollerskis by now, but Oct 1st is the Official Start of the Rollerski Season.  Plan to join in some fun events like the ANGEL OF DEATH, CARNIVAL OF SINS and, of course, the annual SUFFERFEST up Prospect Mt.

TERRORSTORM Warning… Every Friday!

If you are looking for other adventures, there are two weeks left of ChasmRiders Mountain Bike racing at Ausable Chasm.  And the final installment of the World Series of IRON MAIDEN XTERRA will be held on Conquest of the Americas Day, Oct 14 at Point Au Roche.  And don’t forget, TERRORSTORM Workouts continue each Friday at 5 pm.


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