Climb to the Castle… World Series of IMX… TERRORSTORM… Rollerski Armageddon in full swing!

Peru Nordic vs Whiteface 2013

The Peru Nordic Masters attacked Whiteface Mountain and duked it out with the nation’s elite nordic skiers in the annual NYSEF Climb to the Castle race.  The Nordiques were highly seeded in the heavily wheel-doped “fanny pack division.”   Keith “Krakken of Kalamity” Kogut lead the charge for Peru on his well-camouflaged-but-still-doped wheels.  Kogut out-skied Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak, holding off a late charge through the notorious wind-tunnel just past the Wilmington Turn.   Kobak hung on and managed to eek out 4th place in the Masters division.  Winning the award for “best grunting at the finish” was Peter “Jotun of Jersey” Minde.  In spite of coming off a recent illness, Minde had a very strong race, which he credited to “gliding upon the wings of Skitan.”  The Climb to the Castle gave future star, Bryce “Heart of Darkness” Hartman, a chance to tangle with the US’s elite skiers.  Bryce went out hard, and skied well, but he learned quickly just how unrelenting the Whiteface climb can be… needless to say, soon after the race he borrowed his dad’s credit card and ordered up some inline racing wheels.

Finishing in the mist…

The Climb to the Castle featured some savvy membership recruiting by the Nordiques.  With HURT Nordic losing some of their ace skiers, and the new Adirondack Vauhti club still unproven, Peru is well-positioned to recapture the NYSSRA Nordic Club Championship.  The Climb to the Castle was a great place to try to bolster the roster by signing some free agents.   At least one former Manhattan Nordic skier has all but committed to the Peru Nordic Masters.  Likewise, the Peru Nordic membership committee was seen working with US Ski Team Coach, Matt “Theater of Pain” Whitcomb, on coming to terms with some potential heavy hitters from the US Ski team, including Climb to the Castle World Champion of the World, Liz “Goat of Mountains” Stephen (note: by “coming to terms” we mean we may have convinced them to put a Peru Nordic sticker on their vehicles).

Coming to a NYSSRA race near you??? (…nope, but you’ll see her in Sochi!)

Along with the Climb to the Castle, the Nordiques have begun competing in the ultra-competititve World Series of IRON MAIDEN XTERRA.  This run/MTB/Rollerski race series is now part of the VHCS Series.  The first event in the series featured a trail-run, mountain bike and rollerski off and on the Hardy Road in Wilmington.  Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose handilly won the first race.  As expected, Rose dominated on the Mountain bike course and cruised the rollerski to win by over 9 minutes.  Tom “Machine Gun of Malice” Moffett finished in second with Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak capturing the bronze medal.

Current World Series of IMX series leader of the series.

World Series of IRON MAIDEN XTERRA continues on Saturday, Sept 28 with a three stage event.  Racers will run and ride at Ausable Chasm, then the final stage will take place on the Signor Road course in Peru.  Time TBA.

TERRORSTORM! a family affair…

Don’t forget to join the Peru Nordic Masters each friday for the TERRORSTORM workouts at Point Au Roche in Beekmantown.  This Friday the TERRORSTORM whips up at 3:30 pm.  The TERRORSTORM consists of Rollerski workouts lead by the Hand of Doom followed by a 6.66 km TT on the infamous Point Au Roche Tritone course.  Fun for the whole family!



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