Team High Peaks/Peru Nordic wins ADK 80K MTB 4-man Relay!

There was no other 4-man team even close!

The High Peaks/Peru Nordic MTB Team laid waste to the other 4 man teams in the inaugural High Peaks Cyclery ADK 80K Mountain Bike Race.  The race was 4 laps over a challenging 20 k course that consisted of some greasy singletrack and almost 2000′ of climbing per lap.

Rose hangs with the Pros

Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose led off for the Nordiques and put in a blistering first lap, keeping up with the solo pros! 1:07 and change

Don’t forget to stop by High Peaks Cyclery for the Labor Day Sale!!!

Brian “Purveyor of Punishment” Delaney was next and put in a solid effort, in spite of running the 80k trail run the day before! 1:30 ish

This guy should buy a new bike.

Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak slid around a lot in the singletrack, but managed to put in a good time, grinding out the climbs. 1:23 or so

You’d smile too if you put in the blistering time that the Lord of Destruction just laid down.

Bob “Lord of Destruction” Maswick batted clean-up and ransacked the field, putting in an impressive performance. 1:18 of awesome.

Let the Pre-Covery Begin!!!

Best of all, all the beer was free…  SKAAL!!!



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