Rollerski Armageddon Calendar Set… Peru Nordic Masters Masters this Friday!


Mark your calendars for ROLLERSKI ARMAGEDDON!!!

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rollerski Armageddon Training Races/Events are now on the official Calendar.


FAMINE:  Sunday, SEPTEMBER 15, 2013  NYSEF Climb to the Castle… Rollerski up the Whiteface Highway with most of the US’s Elite Skiers.  Register with NYSEF (this is a wheel-doped event!)

WAR:  Saturday, OCTOBER 12, 2013 ANGEL OF DEATH… Fun 10 km Rollerski from Kobakken OpenAir Arena and Wildlife Sanctuary to the top of the HILL OF DEATH! (this is a wheel-doped event!)

PESTILENCE:  Sunday, OCTOBER 20, 2013 CARNIVAL OF SINS ROLLERSKI CARNIVAL… Fun Rollerski session around the rollerski mecca of Peru, NY.. featuring the Seven Deadly Sprints! (NO Doping).

DEATH:  Sunday, OCTOBER 27, SUFFERFEST... Rollerski race up the Prospect Mt. Highway in Lake George (this is a doped event!)

Peru Nordic Masters Masters

To gear up for Rollerski Armageddon, the Peru Nordiques will host the annual Peru Nordic Masters Masters Rollerski/Golf extravaganza this Friday afternoon.   This features a 5 km rollerski race in Peru followed by 9 holes at Willsboro.  Meet at Kobakken Open AIr at 2 pm, bring your rollerskis and golf clubs.


4 thoughts on “Rollerski Armageddon Calendar Set… Peru Nordic Masters Masters this Friday!”

  1. Wondering if you have any thoughts on adding the Kingston roller races to the calendar. Traditionally the Sunday b4 Thanksgiving. Pro: good prize table and rampant wheel doping. Con: Plenty of H.U.R.T skiers, I might be the only Nordique there.

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