Rose Gets Back to the Top of the Iron Maiden Podium!

Aces High! Rose once again is the Iron Maiden King

Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose won his 4th Iron Maiden Triathlon World Championship on Saturday.  Rose stayed with the pack during the run leg, worked with the lead group on the bike, and did not cramp on the rollerski to win in a time of 1:47:27

Where Eagles Dare: Halligan tops out on the Hill of Death!

This year’s event set many new records:  1. Oldest Average Age of Competitors. 2. Oldest Bike (Halligan’s) 3. Closest Run Leg Finish 4. Longest distance a lost competitor has rollerskied (Halligan, again… at least 4 km extra!) 5. Largest collection of raffle prizes given away!

The Trooper: Nordyke battles through injury to win again!

The women’s race saw Deborah Nordyke win her record 6th Iron Maiden Triathlon World Championship.  Nordyke battled a torn knee and cramping on the Hill of Death to win the race, then she recorded a historic double by winning the women’s three -legged-race later in the day at the annual Moffett Family Fun Day Festivities!

Children of the Damned: Saratoga Bi wins the team trophy!

Nordyke’s effort, combined with an impressive race from Tom Moffett, and almost sabotaged by the directional misgivings of Sean Halligan, allowed the Saratoga Biathlon Club to win the Fernando Pizzarro Conquest of Peru Team Trophy.  For the first time in many years, HURT Nordic was completely shut out of the podium and awards.

Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter: Mark your calendars, IMT 2014, Last Saturday in July

Chris Rose recaptures the Iron Maiden Iron… Official Results (top 5 finishers):
1. Rose, Chris 1:47:27
2. Moffett, Tom 1:51:08
3. Kobak, Jim 2:00:13
4. Halligan, Sean 2:08:55
5. Nordyke, Deb 2:25:48

Fernando Pizzaro Team Trophy World Champions:
Saratoga Biathlon Club


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