If ChasmRiders Isn’t in your Summer Training Plan, You’re Wrong.

Tommy Gun Moffett Blistering through the ChasmRiders Course

The ChasmRiders Mountain Bike Race Series takes place at the Ausable Chasm Recreation Center each Sunday at 10 am.  There are races for kids and adults that travel over beginner, intermediate and advanced race courses.  The courses are mixed single-track and double track.  The advanced course is a 4 mile loop that twists and turns through beautiful adirondack forest. Race fees are just $1 ($5 on the “Super Sundays”) And, it’s been killer training for the Peru Nordic Masters.

Rose Knows Mountain Biking… Get out and do this!!!

“Mountain Biking is like nordic skiing,” says Chris Rose, “you have to really dial in the nuances of body position to maximize momentum, and unlike in road cycling, there is no time to recover, it’s all out all the time… just like a nordic ski race.”

All kinds of kids and all kinds of bikes have been shredding the ChasmRiders series!

What makes ChasmRiders awesome is how much the kids have taken to it.  Kids race on a short loop through tall pines, and it’s not uncommon to see a dozen kids blasting through the woods on all kinds of bikes.  There have been plenty of pink princess bikes and baskets that have been sighted shredding the ChasmRiders kids course.

Mountain Biking Is F’n METAL!

After each race, Mountain Riders Bike shop raffles off the entry fees as a gift certificate usable in their downtown Plattsburgh shop.  The ChasmRiders is a great grass-roots, family oriented event series.  Races continue each week through mid-October.  Make sure to visit the Ausable Chasm Recreation Center at least once this summer to rip it up with the ChasmRiders!

Take a trip around the advanced “black” course with the HAND OF DOOM:

Check out the CHASMRIDERS Website, or like them on facebook


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