Jan Wellford Wins Insanely Epic Patch Sprint Tempest…. Sets Course Record, Signs with Peru Nordic.

Jan moshes down Rattlesnake enroute to a Patch Sprint world record!

Watch out nordic world, It is now only a matter of time before Jedi Master Jan Wellford learns how to XC Ski race with the Peru Nordic Masters!

The view of the finish line! Wind, rain, cold, snow… EPIC!!!

Jan won the 2013 edition of the Patch Sprint in a World Record time of 2:01:43 in an icy deluge while running through rivers of mud (check out the details at this link).  Temperatures hovered around 40 degrees, and a steady rain washed the course.  Atop Poko, snow started spitting, but that did not prevent intrepid Peru Nordiques from pre-covering at the summit!

At the awards banquet, Jan then signed a letter of intent to race with the Peru Nordic Masters.  Particulars of this agreement still need to be ironed out between Jan’s agent and the army of Peru Nordic lawyers, but the early indicators show that throwing in a few more HPC ski ties and maybe a Skadi boot buddy into the contract may be all it takes to get Jan on board.

The 9 AM Start!

Jan led the field from the start, but got a somewhat unexpected challenge from the swift Cullen Roberts who finished just 5 minutes behind Jan.  The anticipated battle between Jan and Cole Starkey never fully materialized, as Cole DNF’d due to the miserable conditions on course.  Marko “Attack of Sharks” Correll and Chris Fey both tied for third with 2:19 efforts.


Jay Fiegl (2:27) and Jim Kobak (2:35) both made it into the top 10 with good efforts, Tom Moffett (2:42) put in one of his best times ever (can’t wait to see what time he puts in next weekend).   A pair of 9 AM start sandbaggers, Jerry Ross and Tappy finished strong.  Jerry was just over 3 hours, while Tappy rode a pickle-juice bender to an impressive sub-three hour effort 2:52!

The full results and race recap will undoubtedly be up soon at http://www.patchsprint.com.  PS2014 only 364 days away!!!!

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