Peru Nordiques ready to Thrash the Patch Sprint… this Saturday!


The Peru Nordic Masters are sending 7 runners to the annual Patch Sprint Mountain Running Race in Willsboro this Saturday.

Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak… The 5 time champ has slowed down considerably over the years and just hopes to finish in the top 10.  “that would be a really good outing for me… although I should dominate in the Pre-Covery event atop Pok-O-Moonshine at the finish!!!!”

Jason “Wilbury of Woe” Fiegl… The 6 time champ has been battling ankle injuries and has been experimenting with new on-course fueling strategy.  “I’ll be shoving a few rhubarb leaves in my shorts pockets in case I need a quick burst of energy on course!”

Jerry “Boss of Brutality” Ross… The ageless wonder has also been struggling with his achilles heel, his achilles heel.  “I am worried that the forecast cool weather will make it impossible for me to get in my normal hot yoga stretching routine before the race.”

Tappy “Tap of Spinosity” Taptick… A new member of Peru Nordic has beefed up his training.  “I may just have to back it off a bit to save something for Taco Night”

Mike “Arborist of Armegeddon” Daley… Mikey hasn’t raced for Peru Nordic in some time but he plans to dominate the NY course.  “Just like the Broons are dominating the Rangers! Here we go Bruins!!!”

Tom “Tommy Gun-associate member” Moffett… Tom is in the best shape of his PS career and should finish high in the standings.  “I just hope It’s warmer next weekend when I do the Patch Sprint again.”

Jake “Jackal of Judas” Gittler… The Ultimate Ranger Fan should be available for the Sprint after tonight’s sweep, but may not be in the best shape for the sprint… “I wish Ryan Callahan was here to help me get through this…”

THE PATCH SPRINT race is this Saturday!!  Ski Run, Hike and Destroy!!!


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