BEAST Jedi Masters Demolish Death Star… Sith Get Revenge. PS2013 One Week Away


The BEAST Jedi Knights stormed the Death Star (Poke-o-Moonshine) once again and are now Jedi Masters, completely trained to conquer the 2013 Patch Sprint!

Grand Moff Tarkin

Jim Kobak (Qui-Gon Jim), Tom Moffett (Grand Moff Tarkin), Jan Welford (Obi-Jan Kenobi) and Jay Fiegl (Fieg-3PO) all reached the level of Jedi Master under the tutelage of Darth Kong!

Qui-Gon Jim

Inertia TV was there to film the final? Episode!… Next Week, THE PATCH SPRINT!

Obi-Jan Kenobi

Follow the exploits of Obi-Jan Kenobi at his Adirondack Runner blog!


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