Episode II: Attack of the Clones (and Giant Spiders)

X wing fighter pilots ready

The BEAST Jedi conquered the slopes of Sugarloaf Mountain and set off into the wilderness of Fiegalley.

Imperial TIE Fighters strike!

Jan Wellford set the pace up the ‘Loaf with a 15 minute blast.  He was followed by Jim Kobak and Jason Fiegl, each just about 3 minutes behind.

Y-Wing FIghters… stay on target…

The Jedi Padawans then tested their Y-Wing piloting skills by throwing horseshoes… after dodging the Monstrous spiders that guard the Northway Tunnel

This picture does not do this beast justice!

Inertia TV was there for all of the action!

Last chance for BEAST Jedi to suffer before the Sprint… this Thursday!!

The BEAST Jedi Training concludes next week with Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.  The Jedi must attack the Death Star yet again and assault the slopes of Poko-moonshine.  Meet up at the lower Poko Trailhead at 5 pm on Thursday!


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