May The Force BEAST With You…

The annual BEAST Series is set to get underway this Thursday, April 11 with Sprint Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope.

BEAST Jedi Younglings will converge at The 1812 Homestead at 5 pm to begin their training under the tutelage of Jedi Grand-Master, Darth KONG.


The BEAST Jedi training sessions will occur each week.  The Jedi candidates will work their way towards becoming Jedi Masters by participating in BEAST races and completing the Jedi task assigned by Darth KONG at the end of each race.  Jedi candidates will earn Midichlorians as they train.  As Midichlorians build, each candidate becomes more and more competent with the Force.  Candidates will work their way up from Jedi Younglings to Jedi Padawans.  Then they will advance to the level of Jedi Knight.  Only the select few will participate in enough BEAST events to become Jedi Masters (refer to chart below).


This week the BEAST travels to Rattlesnake Mountain at the far edge of the Galaxy.  Jedi Candidates will run the nature trails at the homestead before racing from the Rattlesnake Parking area to the summit.  On the Summit, Darth KONG will give the candidates a Jedi Mind-control task.  Those who complete the Jedi task in Star Wars costume will receive even more midichlorians!  So, dust off your Ewok costume and join the BEAST Sprint Wars this Thursday.





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