Wynn’s Salute Wins! Beast Wars! ChasmRiders! Time to think about Summer training! Exclamation Points!!!

Wynn re-tells his relay victory tale during a Spring ski to the GOAT.

It’s finally over… in a close 13-12 vote, Mike Wynn’s Salute of the NYSSRA Championships Relay Crowd edged Jim Kobak’s Loppet Sprint Bib Lean as the top moment of the 2013 Peru Nordic Masters Ski Season.  For those of you that don’t recall, Wynn crossed the finish line after winning the Club Championship Relay and exclaimed something like, “You $#%#%% HURT $#*^%#$ go $##@$&* you #$#$@#ers and #%#%& and $%^#^& you!!!!”  (editors note: this is just a rough transcript of the actual words spoken by Wynn that day)  That was the signature moment for the 2013 ski season, and probably summed up things pretty well for Peru Nordic, who despite winning the relay, finished second in the overall NYSSRA points series.  And yes, I’m still bitter about that.

is this NYSSRA's feature race series????
is this NYSSRA’s feature race series????

Rumor has it that there will be a few tweaks to the points series next season.  It sounds like NYSSRA will be focusing on 5 “feature events” on the race calendar that will each score double points.  The idea is to entice all the top skiers, especially the Juniors, in the State to compete against each other more often.  These races will therefore probably include the JNQs, ESGs and NYSSRA Champs. These five events should connect nicely to make an Skitanic Pentagram of Evil (see diagram above) and will give the Nordiques a new focus for the upcoming season as they try to recapture the Club Championship Series for the first time since 2008.

Already training for the Patch Sprint… BEAST (Best Ever Awesomest Sprint Training) is on the horizon!

Now that ski season has wound down, it’s again time for  Patch Sprint training.  The Patch Sprint is a mountain running race in Willsboro that supports the Adirondack Scholarship Foundation.  At this time registration for the event is completely full, but all Nordiques are welcome to join in on the training series.  This year’s BEAST series begins on April 11 and continues through 6 episodes of SPRINT WARS (starting with Episode IV, A New Hope).  During the series, racers complete parts of the Patch Sprint course as they try to achieve Sprint Jedi Masterhood under the tutelage of Darth KONG.  Join us for training on April 11 as we blast off up Rattlesnake Mountain.

ChasmRiders Racing is Back for 2013!!!

In other dryland training news, the ChasmRiders Mountain Bike Race Series will once again rip through the Summer season at Ausable Chasm.  The weekly series will begin in late May and continue each Sunday through October.

The snow is melting… time to begin Summer training!!!



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