Easter Shocker!… Rose Sees Light, Quits Peru Nordic, will start new club!


April 1, 2013 –  Shortly after leaving Church after Sunday Easter services, Peru Nordic’s Chris Rose made a shocking announcement.  “During worship today, I did some deep soul-searching.  All of this Peru Nordic Satanic imagery cannot allow me to be the ambassador to the sport of Nordic skiing that I need to be.  So, I have decided to leave Peru Nordic and start my own NYSSRA Club…. After years of being unfairly punished by the VHCS Supercomputer and limited by right-handed USTBBA targets, it’s just not any fun any more.  I need a fresh start.”


Rose has decided to quit the Nordiques and form a new club, the Greater Beekmantown Touring Association (GBTA). “We are going to do some ski racing for sure, but I really want to focus on getting in some Ski-O and snowshoe races, oh and being ready for the Battenkill Road race will be a top priority of our club… GBTA Practice will start after school next week, and all 7th graders are welcome to join, let’s get after it, Boom!!”


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