VHCS Final Conflict!… Rose/Hartman win the day, Kobak takes overall Viking Helmet Victory.


The Peru Nordic Masters gathered at MVH for the annual VHCS Final Conflict, a 6 x 2 km freestyle USTBBA Certified relay on a modified version of the War Ensemble course.

Dead-Eye Lis, best in the range on the day.

Teams of two skiers alternated laps, throwing tennis balls at the targets in between.  Missed targets resulted in penalty loops, making for a constant shake-up of the standings during the race.  Spectators were thrilled and the outcome was always in doubt.

Zullo in the range.

When the dust settled, the team of Bryce Hartman and Chris Rose took the Final Conflict victory. “I really struggled on the right-handed setup of those targets,” said Rose who shot a paltry 50% from the line on the day.  The team of Jim Kobak and Steve “Vermonster of Vehemence” Crafts missed a lot of targets, but dug deep and blistered through the final laps to take the silver medal.  On the last lap, Kobak passed the Superteam of former and current NYSSRA State Champions, Janet Findlay and Jon Santor.  The move proved to be essential in allowing Kobak to hold off Santor and Rose in the standings, retaining the overall VHCS lead, and to go home with the VIKING HELMET, emblematic of VHCS Supremacy!

Skaal! Kobak wins the Viking Helmet overall!

Final Relay Standings (presented in order of Metallica Albums):

1. Master of Puppets:  Rose/Hartman

2. And Justice for All:  Kobak/Crafts

3.  Ride the Lightning: Santor/Findlay

4. Kill ‘Em All: Lis/Hunter

5. Black Album: Domas/Piper

6. Death Magnetic: Maswick/Zullo

Ski and destroy! Next season starts tomorrow!

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