Beast Wars: May the Force Be With You…

SPRINT WARS: Darth Kong!!

A long time ago, but somehow in the future…

The annual BEAST (Best Ever Awesomest Sprint Training) Series gets underway on Thursday April 11.  Blast your training into Hyperspace by joining the BEAST Crew for six Sprint Wars workouts… starting, of course, with Episode IV and culminating with Episode III on May 16.

Each Thursday at 5 pm throughout the BEAST Season, racers will tackle part of the Patch Sprint Course.  Upon completion of the race, competitors must hone their inner Jedi and complete one of Yoda’s tasks to raise their Force Strength score.  The Force will be strong within competitors that embody some part of the Star Wars mythology during each race, especially if they compete while in costume.  By the end of the series, the competitor within whom the Force is strongest, will become Darth Kong and will be master over the Patch Sprint Galaxy.

Patch Sprint you will…

The Series kicks off with Episode IV… A New Hope:  a run from the Homestead to the Summit of Rattlesnake Mountain.  Atop Rattlesnake, Yoda will reveal the task.  May the Force be with you!


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