RAGNAROK! Mjollnir and the GOAT team up to smite Cystic Fibrosis

Mjollnir’s awesome power… you may be able to ski fast, but I can carry more random crap up to the GOAT!

The Battle at the End of Winter… RAGNAROK!!!

Racers stream towards the GOAT…RAGNAROK!!

Once again, intrepid members of the Peru Nordic Masters gathered to worship at the Temple of the GOAT on RAGNAROK!  On the line for the competitors was the possession of Mjollnir, the Hammer of the Gods, and all of the power it wields.  Skiers battled through the wind-driven snow as they marched up to the GOAT.

Tribute for the GOAT

Upon arrival at the GOAT, skiers had to display their tribute to the deity.

Kobak wields Mjollnir! CF, by the power of Thor, we smite thee!!!

Jon Santor was the first to arrive, followed by Chris Rose and Jim Kobak.  Then Dave Hunter made it trailed by Janet Findlay.  The GOAT was pleased with the tribute brought by Santor and Kobak, which included Loppet bibs, HPC receipts, ESG Gold Medals, MVH Season Pass Holders Mugs and Swiss Cake Rolls.  When the time bonuses were calculated, Kobak moved up from third place to first!  The GOAT saw through the oboe saxophone reed ruse that Rose tried to play on her and relegated him down one place and off of the podium.  Hunter brought nothing, and was instantly shunned by the GOAT.  Findlay brought enough tribute to be catapulted into the Bronze medal position.  In total, the skiers raised $123.50 for the Team Cookie Great Strides Walk to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation…. and the GOAT was pleased.
donate to my cause

If you would like to donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and support Peru Nordic/Team Cookie’s efforts in this year’s Great Strides Walk, please use this link… thank you!


Name  Time/BonusTime/Net Time

Kobak: 32:20/6:50/25:30

Santor 30:38/4:55/25:43

Findlay 36:28/5:10/31:18

Rose 31:05/2:20/28:14* relegated due to oboe reed fraud

Hunter 33:40/0:00/33:40

The VHCS Viking Helmet Final Conflict is on Sunday at 1 pm… see you there.


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