The annual Peru Nordic RAGNAROK Classic Technique race to the GOAT is on the schedule for this week’s War Ensemble (bib up at 4 pm, race starts at 4:15)  Forecast is for heavy snow early in the week… should be the best RAGNAROK Conditions ever!

Every year when RAGNAROK: The Battle at the end of Winter draws near, the GOAT asks Peru Nordiques to bestow tribute upon her.

The Harvester of Sorrow received a vision from the GOAT which foretold the 10 items she would like to see delivered to her on RAGNAROK (and the associated time bonuses).  Each skier should try to bring as much tribute from this list to the GOAT as they can to earn her favor. The skier with the fastest time will have Mjollnir, Thor’s Hammer, bestowed upon him/her and all of the powers therewith shall be his/hers.

1. One piece of gear with the Team Cookie logo on it (20 seconds)

2. One ESG Gold Medal (20 seconds)

3. One Oboe Reed (30 seconds)

4. One block of SWIX CH7 (30 seconds)

5. One used Loppet Race Bib (30 seconds)

6. One receipt from High Peaks Cyclery (your nordic specialists) (40 seconds)

7. One Franziskainer (40 seconds)

8. One Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll (60 seconds)

9. One MVH season pass holder’s coffee mug (60 seconds)

10.  $20 donation to the Team Cookie Great Strides Walk to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (120 seconds plus 10 seconds for every dollar over $20 donated – checks payable to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation)


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