Mega Relay Mega Fun Mega Stan

Enter StanMan
Enter StanMan

The Peru Nordic Masters Men’s Mega Relay Team got a heroic effort from Stan “Enigma of Uncertainty” Hatch to win the inaugural HURT Nordic Mega 12 8 6 hour relay.

Rose leading off.

Peru’s murderer’s row lineup featured Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose Leading off.  He was followed by Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak who was protected by prospect Tom Moffett in the third spot.  Batting cleanup was the Straw that stirs the drink, Mr. March, The Sultan of Swat, the Stanbino, Stan Hatch.  Finally Jerry “Curse of Pharaohs” Curcio batted fifth.

Tom… lookin’ good in that suit!

The top of the order was consistent on the day, slapping singles, skiing roughly 13 minute laps over the 4 k course.  This set up Stan to hit some dingers by doing two laps at a time, and with each lap counting 1.5 x, Stan was stretching doubles into triples all day long.  Jerry also got the bonus with each lap, but Stan put Peru over the top with his early doubles.  Then with the game on the line, Kobak was pulled and Hatch came in with Enter Sandman blasting over the PA to shut the door and close out the game.  Another win for the Evil Empire!


The victors recieved a prize pack consisting of some candy and a pie, which was quickly parlayed into one extra-large bottle of beer!

We’ll see these guys one more time… NYSSRA Champs next weekend.

Peru Nordic’s final NYSSRA Races of the season happen next weekend at the NYSSRA Championships at the Saratoga Biathlon Club.  Saturday features the 20 km freestyle Champions Cup race, while Sunday features the 3×5 km club championship relay.  With only a week to prepare, will Peru Nordic be Pre-Covered enough for those races?

Beerserkerbeiner Wednesday!

This Wednesday’s War Ensemble tune-up features the annual Beerserkerbeiner Rennet, a 2-lap race where skiers must fabricate a carrying device to shuttle beverages around the course (classic technique).  See you at MVH at 4 pm on Wednesday.


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