Greenberg Continues FAT TUESDAY Domination


This year it was a couple of weeks late, but once again the gluttonous onslaught of FAT TUESDAY wreaked havoc on the Peru Nordic Masters.

Greenberg… unstoppable!!!

Again, it was FAT TUESDAY phenom, Evan Greenberg, taking home sweet sugary gooey victory.

Menu selection at the Gauntlet Stadium Cafe

The race has skiers ski one lap of the War Ensemble course, then pull in to the Gauntlet Stadium Cafe to indulge in some goodies before skiing a second lap.  Skiers are rewarded with bonus time based on the number of calories consumed in between laps.

Kobak… trying to stomach another sugary delight.

As competitors came and went through the Gauntlet Stadium Cafe, Greenberg kept eating and eating and eating.  The eating machine wolfed down honey buns, boston creams, strawberry shortcake rolls, swiss cake rolls, oatmeal cream pies… basically, if Little Debbie made it, it went down his gullet.

Jon Santor… just can’t compete with the likes of Greenberg

Greenberg earned a whopping 20:10 of bonus time, winning the race in a net time of 07:51…. official Fat Tuesday Results: 1. Greenberg 28:01 (less 1210 Calories) = 07:51, 2. Kogut 24:16 (less 810 Calories) = 10:46, 3. Kobak 22:47 (less 480 Calories) = 14:47, 4. Rose 19:38 (less 270 Calories) = 15:08, 5. Santor 21:14 (less 230 Calories) = 17:24.


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