Peru Metalheads Storm NYSSRA ESG TourNADO!


NYSSRA Nordic introduced a new format to the annual Empire State Games.  Now dubbed the NYSSRA ESG TourNADO, skiers took part in a three day three stage race that challenged them over varying distances and techniques.  Each race had it’s own nuance and was reminicent of a classic metal album… this was appropriate as Peru picked up an impressive amount of Metal at the awards ceremonies.  The event was a real groundbreaker… like Anvil’s classic proto-thrash album Metal on Metal.

Metal on metal caves in your face…

STAGE ONE:  2.5 km Freestyle Prologue

Under the lights… Black Metal!!!

Friday featured the TourNADO Prologue under the lights at Dewey Mountain.  In the teeth of Winter Storm Nemo, skiers rocketed around two laps of the 1.25 km race course.  Heavy snow was falling, and skiers battled two abreast at the start.  Like Venom’s classic Black Metal, it was dark and foreboding and even a little bit scary at the time, but in retrospect was simply just a blast!

Lay down your soul….

STAGE TWO: 20 km Classic

The 20 k Classic… Paranoid!

Saturday’s test was a 20 km classic mass start race around the surprisingly tough biathlon course.  The tracks were good for the most part, with only a few spots with grass or dirt showing.  Like the Black Sabbath epic classic album, Paranoid, it was classic.  The sameness of the course (most of it had been used for years for the old ESG’s) did not detract from the plodding vibe of the race, and the new distance made it resonate as well now as it had in the past.

can you help me occupy my brain?

STAGE THREE: 7.5 km Freestyle TourNADO Finale

Sunday’s Freestyle Pursuit…. Reign in Blood!

Sunday featured a blistering 7.5 km freestyle interval start race around one lap of the previous day’s classic course.  Jon Santor skied like a man possessed and pummeled the field.  The race was like Slayer’s Reign in Blood.  It was frenetic, brutally fast and did not disappoint!

awaiting the hour of reprisal… your time slips away!
When it was said and done, the Peru Nordic Metalheads brought home some serious METAL…:
GOLD  17 total: Domas x1, Hartman x2, Santor x 1, Kobak x3, Zullo x3, Findlay x2, Tuthill x3, Beattie x2
SILVER 9 total: Lis x 2, Domas x2, Hunter x2 , Santor x2, Adams x1
BRONZE  2 total:  Curcio x2
The NYSSRA ESG TourNADO overall Champions!
Peru Nordic also boasted a plethora of TourNADO overall champions:
TourNADO Champions:  Kobak, Zullo, Tuthull, Santor, Domas, Findlay, Beattie, Hartman
Of course, INERTIA TV was there to capture the insane METAL action!!!
American Metalhead

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