SuperBowl of Skiing! Rose is given the finger!

Rose gets his name on Peru Nordic’s oldest trophy yet again.

Chris Rose is on pace to obliterate the field during this season’s VHCS race to the Viking Helmet.  On Sunday Rose won another Major to go along with his Tour de Ski win, when he won his fifth Superbowl of Skiing.

Strong skiing, suit inspired by Tom Moffett

After the total annihilation of winter by the second January thaw of the season, Rose still managed to ski five days this week, he participated in the War Ensemble Groundhog’s day race and he correctly picked the Ravens to win by 3 points, and picked Joe Flacco as Superbowl MVP.  Rose held off the likes of Jim Kobak, Kirsten Domas, Jon Santor, Keith Kogut and Bob Maswick.  “It wasn’t easy, I looked them off, then went for the deep ball.”

Ray Lewis' true identity revealed?
Ray Lewis’ true identity revealed?

Perhaps the most stunning revelation of this year’s Superbowl is that Ravens’ All-Star Linebacker, Ray Lewis is actually Peru Nordic’s own Stan Hatch.  The Lord of Destruction noted, “This totally explains why Stan is such an intense skier with such a killer instinct, and now that I think of it, I remember him coming into the Stadium in the middle of a pyrotechnics display during the Loppet, doing a war dance and then becoming overwhelmed with emotion… and I’m pretty sure he overcame the Pine Nut allergy attack by huffing some Deer Antler Spray… you know I kind of  always wondered why Stan would miss most of our Sunday events except during the bye week, I guess this explains it…”


The VHCS War Ensemble continues this Wednesday with YahtzSKI!!!  Skiers will ski one lap, throw three tennis balls at the biathlon targets, then ski another lap.  Upon completion of the two laps, skiers will roll the YahtzSKI dice for bonus time… one roll per biathlon shot made…. YahtzSKI!!!


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