SuperBowl Slaughterstorm: Peru Nordic versus the Rodent from Hell

Have you ever ski raced in a Tropical Storm?

There aren’t many places that can do an 80 degree temperature swing in just a few days, but the North Country is one of them.  On Saturday, the Peru Nordiques were suffering in sub-zero temps during the Loppet… by Wednesday, it was in the mid-50s and raining.  Yet, the intrepid Peru Nordiques continue to celebrate the Superbowl of Skiing.

The GROUNDHOG… “Don’t f#*k with me”

Wednesday’s War Ensemble was held in an insane tempest of wind and rain and mild temperatures.  Tuesday’s 6″ of new snow was already gone and the established base was being eroded away.  The culprit… one malevolent Groundhog!

Rose saves winter… Hail Skitan!

Each year Peru tussles with the Groundhog, the reprehensible weather-determining Rodent from Hell.  The Groundhog threw everything he could at skiers this week, ice, brutal cold, snow, flooding, wind, rain, zombies, thunderstorms, wind, locusts, fog, high winds, sleet, warm air, hail to fire, wind and more rain.  Yet, skiers managed to get in the Wednesday night race, which saw Chris Rose pelt the varmint with tennis balls, chasing the Groundhog back into his burrow.  Temperatures  have moderated to February norms, and snow has begun to re-fall.  Order has been restored (for now).

The GOAT is pleased that Peru Nordic was able to defeat the Groundhog… SKI AND DESTROY!!!

The Wednesday night win kept Rose atop the VHCS leaderboard.  However the inclement weather managed to temporarily close Van Ho and cancel the Saturday HURTathon race.  So, the Peru Nordic Masters have decided to hold some kind of bandit race on Saturday in it’s place.  The HATEathon will rise like the phoenix sometime on Saturday after the Hand of Doom scouts out potential courses Friday afternoon… stay tuned to Windbriefs and Facebook for updates.


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