Resource Depletion Abounds as Peru Nordic Strip-Mines the LP Loppet…. Superbowl of Skiing this week!

Just prior to race start…. Start Green anyone?
The Lake Placid Loppet featured some brutally cold temperatures and some brutally awesome skiing by the Peru Nordiques!
Kogut and Rose battled all day in the 25 km Classic
Some of the more impressive highlights included Stan Hatch’s 5th overall in the 50 km classic, outlasting some NYSSRA stalwarts in the battle of attrition, and surviving  pine-nut sabotage at the Banquet.  Jon Santor had a pole explode during the 25 km Freestyle race, but he still managed to come in 6th overall.   Jim Kobak and Bill Frazer once again came down to a sprint finish after 25 kms of racing, this time they were joined by an unknown Canadian racer as well.  Frazer beat out Kobak in the end, but Kobak managed to out beer-belly the canuck and won Gold in his age group by 0.12 seconds (thank you, chip timing!!!).  Keith Kogut continued his surge in the VHCS standings with an outstanding race in the 25 km classic.  Kogut finished 5th overall and beat the Kick-Double Poltergeist, Chris Rose by two minutes!  Bob Maswick did not race, but he was exemplary at parking cars in the MVH lot…. And that’s just a taste of the Racing excitement on what is undoubtedly the best day of racing of the year.
Sprint finish in the 25 km Free
Here’s a quick rundown of the impressive medal haul (there were so many age-group medals won that I apologize if I left someone off the list):
just a few of the many Medalists!
Chris Rose 25 km Classic
Elena Beideck 25 km Classic
Janet Findlay 25 km Classic
David Hunter 25 km Classic
Chris Beattie 25 km Classic
Amanda Zullo 25 km Classic
Stan Hatch 50 km Classic
Brian Delaney 50 km Classic
Jon Santor 25 km Freestyle
Jim Kobak 25 km Freestyle
Kirsten Domas 25 km Freestyle
Ooomp! there it is!
Evan Greenberg 25 km Classic
Keith Kogut 25 km Classic
Dorine Peregrim 25 km Classic
Karen Delaney 25 km Classic
Mike Tuthill 25 km Freestyle
Bill Frazer 25 km Freestyle
Joe Korzinecki 25 km Freestyle
Peter Minde 50 km Classic
Hatch paces the 50 km Classic
Bryce Hartman 25 km Classic
The upcoming week features the SUPERBOWL of SKIING.  Time to fight for Peru Nordic’s oldest trophy, the famous Foam Finger… emblematic of Superbowl of Skiing Supremacy!
Santor at the finish… note demolished pole.
The Superbowl of Skiing is a week-long celebration of Skiing, culminating with the Big Game on Sunday.  Skiers will earn points for running plays this week, and will earn points for successfully predicting the outcome of Sunday’s Big Game.  Make sure to submit your entry before Kickoff on 2/3/2013
Park like and Egyptian

One thought on “Resource Depletion Abounds as Peru Nordic Strip-Mines the LP Loppet…. Superbowl of Skiing this week!”

  1. The pine sabotage was too little too late. The rash started this afternoon and is a mild one by my standards. Nothing over the counter anti histamines will not resolve. If team HURT was behind it, I laugh at your little (pine) nuts. Next time, try walnuts, then I’ll reach for the epi pen and prednisone. Photo to follow sometime.
    The allergic Enigma of Uncertainty.

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