January Thaw Heats Up War Ensemble… Sweet Harry Eldridge Victory

Skitanic Berserkers assemble for the War Ensemble!

The Peru Nordic Masters meet up every Wednesday afternoon for the War Ensemble races.  These gatherings pit the Nordiques against each other while racing over a standard ski course, as well as tangling over some un-standard test of skill.  Each week the Peru Nordic War Ensemble switches from Freestyle to Classic, giving participants a chance to sharpen their racing edge mid-week.

It looked something like this except on skis and on snow

This week the War Ensemble marched upon Gauntlet Stadium for a Ski/Frisbee Golf Test.  Over a dozen skiers attended the race where in between laps they had to play one Frisbee Golf hole.  Throw the frisbee towards the hole, ski to where it lands, throw it again, repeat until you get it in the hole.  The hole was Par-4 so every stroke under par gives bonus time, every stroke over par gives penalty time.

Keith “tin cup” Kogut

Conditions were warm and windy.  Chris Rose was the fastest on the day, and his Par score solidified his victory.  Jon Santor was second fastest, but his bogey-golf, combined with Keith Kogut’s Birdie dropped him into third overall.  Results and VHCS Scores Below:

The War Ensemble Marches On next week with a Freestyle Sprintervals workout… details TBA.

Santor after a frenetic weekend of racing

This weeks War Ensemble came on the heels of a frenetic weekend of racing.  Peruvians attacked three races over the weekend, battling the elements, challenging hills and hordes of High Schoolers.

Hatch (left) ready to chase the syrup

At Saturday’s Harry Eldridge Freestyle, Peru’s Jim Kobak, Stan Hatch, Janet Findlay, Amanda Zullo and Karen Delaney finished “in the syrup,” each standing on the Masters podium after the grueling 7.5 km freestyle race up and over the main street hill climb.

Rose on course at Glens Falls (note HS kid who just learned a new word)

Concurrently, Mike Wynn, Aaron Newell and Chris Rose took on HURT and the throngs of HS Skiers at the annual Glens Falls traffic-fest.  Lots of new expletives were developed as Wynn dominated the field.

Amanda and Karen on the podium… Syrup!

At Sunday’s punishing Harry Eldridge Classic, Zullo and Delaney again stood on the Masters podium, with “Spider-Stan” Hatch missing another Syrup haul by seconds.



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