Peru Nordic Roots Out Podium Sweep and then some at Father Time 10k Race… Tour de Ski Marches On!!

GOLD MEDALIST and Potato King… Anathema of Outrage!!!

The Peru Nordic Masters swept the first 6 places in today’s Father Time 10 k Freestyle Race at the Paul Smith’s VIC.  The Nordiques were led by Jon Santor who led from the start.  In hot pursuit was Chris Rose, who stuck with the Sanchize until the final climb when his truncated V1 couldn’t match the pace.  Jim Kobak finished third after running down Keith Kogut at the 5 km mark.  After Kogut, a strong Bryce Hartman took the 5th spot, ahead of Evan Klein who managed to finish the race with only one pole.  The podium finishers were awarded with locally grown sacks of potatoes… these guys are now known around greater Gabriels as the “Spud Studs”

Silver Medal… Hand of Doom
Bronze Medal… Harvester of Sorrow

This race represented stage three of the Peru Nordic Tour de Ski.  The Tour continues tomorrow with Stage 4, The Killing Kind.  This stage is a repeat of Stage two, where skiers will have two days to ski the same course, although this time in classic technique.  There will be an “official start” sometime Monday morning, but skiers are welcome to complete the course at any time on Sunday or Monday… Just remember to submit your time to the VHCS Supercomputer.

Stage 4... just like stage two, only Classic!!!
Stage 4… just like stage two, only Classic!!!

Of course on New Year’s Day, the Peru Nordic Tour de Ski hosts the GAUNTLET RELAY.  The race goes off at High Noon from New Gauntlet Stadium.  Remember that skiers who choose to compete in the GAUNTLET will be placed on relay teams based on their current VHCS/Tour de Ski standing.

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