Wynn Wins Opening TdS Stage… Stage 2: Taking Over Thurs/Fri Course Set

Wynn Wins!!!

Mike Wynn showed why he is a force to be reckoned with by winning the opening stage of the Peru Nordic Tour de Ski.  Wynn paced the field, besting Jim Kobak and Chris Rose and throngs of other skiers.  At least two skiers took major point deductions by showing up with skate skis, and one additional skate skier valiantly managed to double pole the course, receiving praise and bonuses from the VHCS Supercomputer.  And only a handful of skiers were late and/or got lost on the course.  All agreed that it felt wicked awkward to classic ski on the hard-packed, trackless conditions, but at least it was bumpy!

These guys are just happy to finally be racing on snow!

Wynn now leads the Tour De Ski, just ahead of Jim Kobak and Chris Rose… but it’s still anyone’s race!

Stage two starts tomorrow.  Skiers may ski the Taking Over course any time over the next two days and submit their results to the VHCS Supercomputer.  To ease the confusion factor, the Taking Over course will simply be the Three Trails Loop.  Start at the Biathlon timing building and ski the horseshow trail to Three Trails, then just follow the Three Trails signs around the course.  When you climb up out of the pit, head left to the Biathlon/ESG finish!

Stage Two Course… basically just Three Trails Loop
Skiers anxiously awaiting Stage Two… this time with trail signs!!!

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