Peru Nordic’s Annual BEST METAL ALBUMS List Finally Unleashed upon 2012


Skiing is Hard…  Metal is Hard…. Skiing is METAL!!!

Looking for a last minute holiday gift?  Want to ski faster? Give a listen to some of the br00tal METAL that wreaked havoc on the Earth in 2012… not even the Mayan Apocalypse could stand up to the furious titanic METAL Assault!!!!  This is the soundtrack that keeps Peru Nordic thrashing and hammering on the trails and tracks of NYSSRA races… The annual Top 11 METAL Albums of the year has been released.  Each album has been reviewed by resident metallurgist  The Harvester of Sorrow, with the best tracks highlighted, and of course, he unveils the Peru Nordic skier that each album will remind you of.

11.  SkitanicA – Something Metal This Way Comes.  The 2012 release from one of Nordic Skiings loudest bands. It’s a little sketchy in production and so under the radar, it’s like skiing at the secret spot in December.  Best Tracks:  More Metaller than Metal, Ascent Upta Hell.  Skier it will most remind you of:  Either Bjorn Dahlie or Jim Kobak

10. Huntress – Spell Eater.  Straight up METAL!!! All of the trappings of a great metal album, catchy riffs, ripping solos, and great screams mixed with soaring vocals. Feels like you are screaming down the outer loop of the Ladies’ 5.  Best Tracks: Eight of Swords, The Tower.  Skier it will most remind you of: Either Kikkan Randall or Amanda Zullo.

9. Kaotik – Starving Death.  Death Metal from Quebec with some thrashy elements.  Brutally heavy, It will make you suffer like doing back to back 55km races at Gatineau.  Best Tracks: Carnivorous Madness, Pesticide Shower.  Skier it will most remind you of: Either Alex Harvey or Evan Greenberg

8. Dew-Scented – Icarus.  More thrashy Death Metal.  I just can’t get enough Thrashy Death Metal. There is nothing better than Thrashy Death Metal. This Album is just plain great.  It’s relentless riff assault will punish you like the climb up to the GOAT.  Best Tracks: Sworn to Obey, Destined to Collapse.  Skier it will most remind you of: Marcus Hellner or Mike Tuthill.

7. Mortillery – Murder Death Kill.  Possibly the worst album cover art on this list, but these Canadians can Thrash!! Led by a female vocalist, Mortillery re-defines old-school Thrash.  Listening to this feels like you are skiing up out of the Pit on the second lap of the old ESG course.  Best Tracks:  Evil Remains, Outbreak.  Skier it will most remind you of:  Beckie Scott or Janet Findlay

6. Kreator – Phantom Antichrist.  Teutonic Thrash Titans Kreator keep cranking out quality METAL.  This album shreds. It is as hard an heavy as skiing 4 laps of the Dewey Mountain Race Course. Best Tracks:  Phantom Antichrist, Civilization Collapse.  Skier it will most remind you of: Either Axel Teichman or Keith Kogut

5.  3 Inches of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal.  Maybe the most Metal Album of the year, this NWOBHM/Thrash hybrid with soaring vocals will have you headbanging for sure.  It feels like skiing the Dog Bone with mashed herringboned tracks.  Best Tracks:  Look Out, My Sword Will Not Sleep.  Skier it will most remind you of:  Either Martin Koukal or Chris Rose.

4.  Cannibal Corpse – Torture.  F#n’ Brutal Death METAL from the masters of Death METAL.  In your face! It’s Like adding the ascent up to High Notch to the Loppet Course.  Best Tracks: Demented Agression, As Deep as the Knife Will Go.  Skier it will most remind you of:  Either Petter Northug or Joe Korzinecki

3.  Testament – Dark Roots of the Earth.  Testament has been around since the late ’80s, but like a fine wine, or like the Peru Nordic Masters, they get better with age.  This record will hammer you like Harry’s Hill.  Best Tracks:  True American Hate, Native Blood.  Skier it will remind you of: Either Georgio DiCenta or Bob Maswick

2. Goatwhore – Blood For the Master.  I like my thrash metal like I like my coffee… Black with a touch of Death!!!  This album is pure chaotic awesomeness, with sinisterly evil songs.  This is evil bad evil and will bite you like skiing up Main Street on a windy Start Green kind of day.  Best Tracks: When Steel and Bone Meet, Collapse in Eternal Worth.  Skier it will remind you of: Either Tobias Angerer or Ed Lis.

1. Overkill – The Electric Age.  The NJ Thrash metal masters have unleashed more neck-wrecking mayhem.  This album is so good, it inspired the Peru Nordic Tour de Ski! It is almost METAL perfection, like skiing the Big Rock Loop in perfect conditions on a sunny day in March. Best Tracks:  Electric Rattlesnake, Wish You Were Dead.  Skier it will most remind you of:  Either Dario Cologna or Jon Santor

Finally, if that’s not METAL enough for ya, here’s a holiday treat from SktanicA… (Released as a bonus track on the Something Metal This Way Comes EP Collectors Edition)


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