No Snow at the HO? VHCS WAR ENSEMBLE Rolls On!

PAR… the LP of Beekmantown

Mother Nature was a bitch last season, and she has started off this season in the same surly mood.  After a tease of some decent rock skiing, mild temps have wiped out the early season snow.   In spite of this, the Peru Nordic Masters have opened the VHCS Season anyway.

Harvester of Sorrow

Some members of the Peru Nordiques gathered at Point Au Roche to take part in the 6.66 km VHCS WAR ENSEMBLE TERRORSTORM.  These intrepid souls battled strong north winds and spitting snow to get in a hard race-pace effort on the infamous Tritone Course at PAR.  Other members got out on foot or rollerskis, getting credit and sweet VHCS points for simply spitting in Mother Nature’s face and getting their WAR ENSEMBLE on regardless of snow conditions.

VHCS… It’s ON!

The WAR ENSEMBLE Marches on each Wednesday…  Snow or No.

Official VHCS Rules and Entry Forms can be found here


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