Halligan Wins SUFFERFEST Showdown!

Brian Halligan, 2012 SUFFERFEST Champion

HURT Nordic’s Brian Halligan took advantage of Austin Huneck’s “Campus Tour 2012” to claim his first SUFFERFEST World Championship.  Halligan has turned an impressive double this season, capturing both the IRON MAIDEN TRIATHLON and now the SUFFERFEST.

Racers rocket out of the gate at the SUFFERFEST 2012 Start!

Halligan was tested early by Joe “More doped wheels than you can count” Korzinecki who pounced on the field early in the race.  Korz was reeled in by his Black Train of Pain teammates who controlled the pace for most of  the lower flanks of the race.

The Summit finish… SUFFERFEST 2012

Halligan separated from the field and was immediately chased by the trio of Chris Rose, Jim Kobak and Keith Kogut who employed team tactics, taking turns pulling up the unrelenting slope.  Finally the trio launched Rose, who made up lots of ground on Halligan, but ultimately fell short.  Kobak out paced Kogut for the Bronze.  Kogut narrowly held off a resilient Joe Korzinecki for the wooden medal.

The Sanchize… undoped!??!

A huge field of 18 skiers took part in the annual race to the summit of Prospect Mt. in Lake George.  The field was impressive and highly competitive, a virtual “who’s who” of Nordic Skiing’s elite, with 4 former Sufferfest world champions, the past two defending NYSSRA Nordic Cross Country Skiing State Champions, 4 former Carnival of Sins Champions, 3 Iron Maiden Triathlon Champions, 2 Angel of Death Champions, 2 Peru Nordic Masters Masters Champions, and the defending Iron Maiden XTERRA Champion.  Asphalt Thunder!!!

Best Post-Race Banquet Ever!!!
1. Brian Halligan HURT Nordic 35:07
2. Chris Rose Peru Nordic 35:50
3. Jim Kobak Peru Nordic 36:34
4. Keith Kogut Peru Nordic 37:07
5. Joe Korzinecki Peru Nordic 37:19
6. Matt Piper* NYSEF Nordic 38:23
7.Tom Moffett Saratoga Biathlon 39:36
8. Tim Huneck HURT Nordic 39:51
9. Sean Halligan Saratoga Biathlon 40:57
10.  Mike Wynn* Peru Nordic 41:00
12. Bob Maswick Peru Nordic 43:19
13. Andy Farry HURT Nordic 43:53
14. Aaron Huneck HURT Nordic 44:09
15. Seth Mayres HURT Nordic 45:25
16. Jon Santor* Peru Nordic 46:49
17. Andy W? HURT Nordic? 48:01
18. Gabriella Fratelli* HURT Nordic 1:00:00
*undoped wheels… “bringing a toenail clipper to the gunfight” division

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