In Final Sufferfest Tuneup, Rose’s clutch drive wins Masters Denim Thrash Metal Battle Vest

Rollerskiing and Golf, a natural combination

It’s in the hole!  Chris Rose popped off the longest drive by just a few yards in order to edge Jim Kobak in the annual Peru Nordic Masters Masters Rollerski/Golf Tournament held at Point Au Roche National Golf and Rollerski Country Club.

Dueling on the Tri-tone Course at PAR

Skiers raced over two laps of the Tritone Rollerski Course, in between laps, skiers took aim at the par-3 island green at PARGRCC #17.

Charging towards the finish of the Peru Nordic Masters Masters

The course was fast, and only 15 seconds separated the competitors.  Undaunted by the blistering pace, the racers were able to calm their nerves just enough to make some clutch golf shots.  Kobak, channelling his inner Bubba Watson was able to make a couple of greens in regulation.  This really put the pressure on Rose,  who attacked hard on the second lap.  Rose was only able to sustain a 3 second lead going into the longest drive competition.  Channelling his inner John Daly, Rose crushed one about 375 yards.  Kobak needed to at least match that distance, but came up just a few yards short (course rangers estimate he was about 372 yards, at least).

Rose wins the Denim Thrash Metal Battle Vest… F’n A Sweet!

Rose won the coveted Denim Thrash Metal Battle Vest, emblematic of Rollerski Golf supremacy and general Metal Awesomeness!

Tom Moffett is Ready to SUFFER this Sunday!

Next up for the Peru Nordiques…. SUFFERFEST This Sunday!


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