Spectacular Fall Weather Welcomes Angel of Death!

Fall… time for Rollerskiing!

A spectacular Fall day in Peru saw Chris Rose win his second consecutive Angel of Death climb of the infamous Hill of Death.   Rose attacked at the base of the steepest pitch and held off challenges from Jim Kobak, Keith Kogut and Amanda Zullo to win the day.  Today’s event saw the Peru Nordiques tackle both the Murderbakken and the Hill of Death.  Needless to say, competitors were broken, beat and scarred by the end of the day.

Rose leads out on the lower flanks of the Hill of Death

The win, coupled with last weekend’s Iron Maiden XTERRA victory, moves Rose into second overall in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rollerski Armageddon Race Series.  Tomorrow’s Conquest of the Americas Terrorstorm event will once again see Rose face off with current series leader, Jim Kobak.

The Anvil of Angst hammers the Murderbakken

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rollerski Armageddon Series Standings and Schedule:

Standing through 3 events:

Kobak Peru Nordic 240 pts

Rose Peru Nordic 200 pts

Korzinecki Peru Nordic 100 pts

Kvam  HURT Nordic 60 pts

Kogut Peru Nordic 60 pts

Tornianen Hurt Nordic 60 pts

Moffett Saratoga Biathlon 50 pts

Minde Team New Jersey 50 pts

Zullo Peru Nordic 50 pts

Oct 9:  Conquest of the Americas Terrorstorm! (Point Au Roche 5:30 pm)

Oct 20:  Carnival of Sins Rollerski Carnival Featuring the Seven Deadly Sprints (Peru, 11 am)

Oct 28:  SUFFERFEST!  (Prospect Mountain, Lake George 11 am)


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