Iron Maiden XTERRA… Rose leads pack in off-road challenge!

And they’re off… Iron Maiden XTERRA!!!

Chris Rose won the inaugural Iron Maiden XTERRA race at Point Au Roche State Park.  Rose bested a field that included reigning Iron Maiden Triathlon Masters Champion, David Paarlberg-Kvam.

Racers on the TRITONE course!

The course challenged racers over a cross-country run, a tricky Mountain Bike Loop and two laps on the dreaded Tritone Rollerski Course at Point Au Roche.   Luckily, racers were greeted by a cold wind and pelting rain during the event!!!

Kvam finishes strong! IMX Bronze Medalist.

It was no surprise that Kvam had the fastest run leg, and it was no surprise that Rose would pull him back in on the MTB leg.  However, organizers were surprised at Kvam’s struggles on the Mountain Bike course.  Kvam is a renowned cyclist, but his inexperience on Mountain Bikes really made him work harder than expected.  Race organizers outfitted Kvam with a single-speed bike, thinking it would level the playing field.  “I think I have Mountain Biked four times, and I’m pretty sure it would be easier on a bike with more than one gear.”

Moffett out on the Bike loop, oblivious to the mechanical disaster ahead.

Tom Moffett was in shape to challenge Rose on the Mountain Bike course before he was befallen with mechanical problems.  Kobak, racing on a geared bike for the first time in years managed to regain all of the time he lost on the run leg.  Kobak squeezed out the fastest rollerski time of the day, but still wound up 6 minutes behind the champion, Rose.

The Harvester of Sorrow challenges YOU to train with the Peru Nordic Masters!!!

What’s next for the Peru Nordic Masters?…

ANGEL OF DEATH rollerski assault on the Hill of Death… Saturday October 6, Peru
CONQUEST OF THE AMERICAS rollerski tribute… Monday October 8, Point Au Roche
CARNIVAL OF SKINS rollerski carnival featuring the 7 deadly sprints… Saturday October 20, Peru
SUFFERFEST rollerski climb up Prospect Mt…. Sunday October 28, Lake George (note new earlier date)


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