TERRORSTORM Headlines Fall Training Frenzy

Get ready for the TERRORSTORM!!! Peru Nordic will take to the roads at Point Au Roche State Park each Tuesday evening this fall to get in some quality training and technique work.  We will ravenously attack this season’s ski season like a blood drunk Great White Shark wielding twin assault rifles with carbide chainsaw mounts!  Be ready for the blood lust each Tuesday at 5:30… meet at the Point Au Roche Beach pkg. lot.

Of course the most important thing you must do to improve your training is to join/renew your NYSSRA membership. The reasonable membership fee ($25/year) helps keep ski racing alive in NY.  NYSSRA provides support for race organizers and for junior development.  Without NYSSRA there would be no races in the winter, so even if you don’t plan to do much racing, your membership will help keep ski racing from going extinct in New York State.  https://www.skireg.com/Net/3362/NYSSRA-Nordic-Membership-20122013
In addition to the TERRORSTORM… check out these great Fall training events on the Peru Nordic Schedule:
1.  September 15… NYSEF Whiteface Climb to the Castle Rollerski Race*.  This is your chance to race the United States’ elite skiers.  Members of the USST and USBT and many collegiate stars will be on hand.  Be sure to dope your wheels and be ready to represent the Peru Nordic Masters.  Register at www.alpinereg.com
2.  September 16… GREAT STRIDES, Burlington.  OK, so not a ski-specific event, but Peru Nordic works tirelessly with Team Cookie to help “Crumble Cystic Fibrosis!”  Join the walk in Burlington, VT, or donate to the cause online… thanks!!!  DONATE HERE http://www.cff.org/Great_Strides/dsp_DonationPage.cfm?walkid=8148&idUser=341517
3.  September 29… IRON MAIDEN X-TERRA.  The folks at IRON MAIDEN TRIATHLON have added a new fall event.  The IMX features a trail-run, mountain bike and rollerski course at Point Au Roche.  Start time TBA
4.  October 13… ANGEL OF DEATH*.
5.  October 27… CARNIVAL OF SINS ROLLERSKI CARNIVAL* (Featuring the Seven Deadly Sprints)
6.  November 4… SUFFERFEST*.  The assault on Prospect Mountain in Lake George… the crown jewel of Rollerski season.
*part of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rollerski Armageddon Race Series (Viking Helmet Points awarded!!!)
Of course the weekly CHASM RIDERS MTB series continues at Ausable Chasm through Columbus Day.
It’s september… time to get out and rollerski!!!



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