Iron Maiden 2012… Young Guns Dominate… Old Dogs Learn New Tricks.

Kati Christofel is met by throngs of HURT fans at the summit finish of the 2012 Iron Maiden Triathlon in Peru, NY.

The annual Iron Maiden Triathlon went off on a splendid Summer morning in Peru.  Sixteen athletes turned out to test their mettle on the challenging course.  Many of which also participated in the sack race at Moffett Family Fun Day afterwards!

Brian Halligan, 2012 Iron Maiden World Champion of the World!

The HURT three-headed + Monster took the early lead and battled each other and David Kvam over the course.  They were so far ahead that I have no idea what actually transpired, but I imagine they worked as a cohesive unit on the bike, before attacking relentlessly on the rollerski. Regardless, HURT Nordic’s Brian Halligan won the race, he outpaced Austin Huneck and Adam Luban, who settled for second and third respectively.  Halligan is the youngest winner in race history and has ushered in a new era of Iron Maiden Triathlon where us old guys are battling for our own trophy…

Dave Paarlberg-Kvam, Masters Champ and Shredder Extroidonaire!

…Which was won by David Kvam.  Kvam, last season’s overall champ, has hit the 30 year old mark and gotten married.  Now, as an old timer, he has difficulty holding the wheel of the young turks and had to settle for 4th overall. Kvam’s time, however, earned him the inaugural Iron Maiden Masters Trophy, which is, without a doubt, the most rockinest trophy ever!  Kvam was followed by Peru Nordic’s Jim Kobak who tapped into a secret drink mix formula, which may or may not have included pickle juice, to alleviate cramps and propel him to the fastest rollerski time of the day.  Not far behind Kobak was Sean Halligan of the Saratoga Biathlon Club.

Liz Izzo, Womens champ!

The womens’ race was won by another young gun, Elizabeth Izzo.  Liz blistered through the run and had a solid bike and rollerski leg to hold off multiple world champion, Deb Nordyke.  Kati Christofel came in third in what was the largest women’s field in Iron Maiden History!

HURT Nordic captures another team championship

HURT Nordic captured the overall Pizzaro Team Championship.  Ed Luban wore a sweet Number of the Beast T-shirt and fired up the team.  Hurt took the top spots in the run and bike legs and had six finishers in the top ten.  HURT had 4 runners under 12 minutes (FAST!), 3 cyclists under 1 hour and 2 rollerskiers under 30 minutes.

Just wait ’til next year!

Final overall results:

1.  Halligan, Brian (HURT) 1:40:12

2.  Huneck, Austin (HURT) 1:41:56

3.  Luban, Adam (HURT) 1:43:07

4.  Paarlberg-Kvam, David (HURT) 1:45:58

5.  Kobak, Jim (Peru Nordic) 1:48:36

6.  Boody, Phil (HURT) 1:49:55

7.  Halligan, Sean (Saratoga Biathlon) 1:50:38

8.  Mares, Seth (HURT) 1: 52:04

9.  Rose, Chris (Peru Nordic) 1:52:48

10.  Kogut, Keith (Peru Nordic) 1:54:46

11.  Izzo, Elizabeth (UNH) 1: 55:42

12.  Luban, Ed (HURT) 2:05:07

13.  Moffett, Tom (Saratoga Biathlon) 2:11:01

14.  Nordyke, Deb (Saratoga Biathlon) 2: 11:28

15.  Harde, Rene (Saratoga Biathlon) 2:13:46

16.  Christofel, Kati (HURT) 2:15:36


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