Iron Maiden Triathlon… 2 Minutes to Midnight!

Second most important trophy of the day.

The Iron Maiden Triathlon is only a couple of days away, and although some folks might be interested in the many talented juniors in the race, the real excitement will be over the race for the Masters title.

This year the Iron Maiden Masters Race features some former overall champions who should duke it out for the victory.  Windbreifs handicaps the Masters field as they race for the

meticulous arrangement of the transition area will gain Rose precious seconds on his way to the Masters title!

Predicitons: Name (affiliation).. Iron Maiden Track that exemplifies the effort.

1.  Chris Rose (Peru Nordic)… Flight of Icarus.  Rose has been in unbelievable shape and the former champ should fly on his way like an eagle to the Masters’ title.

2.  David Kvam (HURT Nordic)… Running Free.  the defending champ will pace the run with ease, but excitement over the new pavement on the Hill of Death will make it easy for cramps to make a spectacular comeback in 2012.

3.  Tom Moffett (Saratoga Biathlon)… Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter.  Moffett’s daughter will actually be on hand to watch Dad crush the course!

4.  Tim Huneck (HURT Nordic)… Aces High.  we shall fight on beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds,we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,we shall fight on the hills.We shall never surrender.

5.  Jim Kobak (Peru Nordic)… Wasted Years.  slow on the run, better on the bike, consistent on the rollerski.

6. Joe Korzinecki (Peru Nordic)… Fear of the Dark Korzinecki will dominate on the bike leg, but will be two wheels short on the rollerski.

7.  Sean Halligan (Saratoga Biathlon)… Where Eagles Dare. After doing zero hours of training, somehow Sean will put together an impressive race.

8.  Ed Luban (HURT Nordic)… Wrathchild.  Peakbagging efforts may leave him drained when he reaches the base of the Hill of Death.

9.  Ed Lis (Peru Nordic)… Die with your boots on.  Lis may or may not lose the entire sole of his ski boots somewhere along the course.

10.  Bob Maswick (Peru Nordic)… Be Quick or Be Dead.  Maz is too exhausted from getting his Iron Man Volunteer tattoo to be competitive in this year’s race.

Womens Masters race:

1.  Deb Nordyke (Sartatoga Biathlon) The Evil that Men Do.  Deb will win the womens masters race (again)

expect a dogfight with these guys for the Pizzaro Trophy

The Iron Maiden also features a team competition.  Last year, HURT rallied to win the Fernando Pizzaro team trophy.  But some modifications to the rules may make it easier for Peru Nordic to get back on top!

Enhanced Team Scoring for the Coveted Fernando Pizzaro Team Trophy.  Teams will collect the following point premiums, the team with the most points wins!Overall Podium… Winner = 25 points, silver = 15 points, bronze = 10 points

additional racers in the top 10…. 5 points each

All additional racers who complete the whole course… 2 points each

Any finisher under 2 hours*… 5 bonus points each

Masters Podium… Winner = 25 points, silver 15 points, bronze 10 points.

Any finisher over 40 years old… 5 bonus points each

Additional  finishers over 50 years old… 5 bonus points each

Fastest Woman… 20 points

Any women in the top 10 overall… 10 points each

additional women finishers… 2 points each

run leg*… 1st: 10 points, 2nd 5 points, 3rd 2 points, 4th 1 point

Run leg under 12 minutes*… 2 bonus points

Cycling Preems*:  Hill of Death Summit…1st over = 5 points, 2nd = 3 pts, 3rd = 2 points, 4th 1 point.

Cycling leg under one hour*… 5 bonus points each.

Fastest Rollerski legs*… 1st = 10 points,  2nd = 5 pts, 3rd = 2 points, 4th 1 point

Rollerski leg under 30 minutes*… 5 bonus points each

Wearing a Metal T-shirt before during or after the race… 10 points*

Wearing an Iron Maiden T-shirt before during or after the race… 20 points.*

* denotes relay teams are eligible…



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