Peru Nordic Plays With Madness… Iron Maiden Triathlon Approacheth

The annual Iron Maiden Triathlon sweeps through Peru on Saturday July 28.  Racers take part in a 2 mile run, 20 mile bike and 5 mile rollerski ending atop the Hill of Death!  There are only 2 weeks to get ready for the biggest event of the Summer!

Peru Nordic has been dutifully prepping for the event.  The Nordiques have been engaging in the weekly FIGHT Club series (F’in Intense Good Hard Training) alternating run/ski and run/bike intervals as well as time-trialing bi-weekly on “The Trooper” Run-Ski Duathlon Course.  So far, Chris “7th son of the 7th son” Rose has been the man to beat.  Jim “2 minutes to midnight” Kobak has been making steady gains.  And Tom “somewhere in time” Moffett has managed to minimize his rollerski bonk.

Of course the highlight of the training season has been going to Montreal to see the Metal Legends themselves… IRON MAIDEN!  Nothing improves athletic endurance like loading up on beer, hot dogs and poutine and having your face melted by the shredding metalness of Iron Maiden!!!!

The Iron Maiden is a fun event with no entry fees, racers participate at their own risk and are to obey all traffic laws.  The Iron Maiden Triathlon is not affiliated with the metal band Iron Maiden, but we love their music and invite them to participate (and maybe play a quick set at the Moffett Family Fun Day)

As a courtesy, let the folks at the Moffett Thunderdome know if you are coming.  Course maps and info is available at the Iron Maiden Page on  Follow Iron Maiden Triathlon on Facebook for continued updates!


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